HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Wanderer has Returned!

So, as many have noticed I vanished for a little while. The only reason being – I had to people and life for a bit and there was little time for writing. I have now set myself a schedule to accommodate mothering, being wife, working, being friend, and writing. In other words when I’m not working or with the kids and husband, I’m writing or being a friend.
So, what’s happened since I had dentist stuff done? Well, my last post was in September so that’s a lot of ground to cover… Since September I’ve;

  • Had the two crumbling teeth removed. – Not as painful as I feared!
  • Interviewed for a kitchen job at a restaurant – I got it!
  • Failed my second driving test. – Oh pants!
  • Been told the hospital can’t do anything for Bashy’s wobbly legs until he’s much older. Damn!
  • Taken Bashy to see a Gastroenterology consultant who advised NO Dairy, NO Soya, Low Fructose (modified FODMAP diet) – It appears to be working!!
  • Re-interviewed for a job I wanted and got last year but had to pass on. – I got it again! I now have two jobs – I can’t believe I’ve been working there for a month already!
  • I aged in November. Yep, the grand age of 33!
  • PASSED my third attempt at my driving test!! YAY!
  • Supported hubby at his second half marathon! – He smashed his goal! So proud of him!
  • Visited my Nan in hospital, she’s not good.
  • I drove my Mum for the first time in my car! She said it wasn’t as scary as being in a car with my sister!
  • Visited the in-laws for birthday and pre-Christmas celebrations and fell asleep on their sofa as always!!
  • Celebrated Christmas with Hubbly and our kids. Was great fun despite having to work.
  • Played our annual game of which child can stay up the longest at New Year – Moo and Bash made it to midnight, Bee crashed and burned at 20:00.

As you can see things have been a bit busy.

In that time I’ve also been nurturing two new friendships. One of my new friends has a lot going on in her life, she’s a young mum with three beautiful children. We’ve babysat each other’s kids, been shopping, we’ve had fun times together, the “Marco-Polo” incident in Primark will forever be funny.
My other friend has SIX children and has been a great source of companionship on days when the kids are at school. We help each other out quite a bit and have been very good at finding calm for each other amongst the chaos of parenting and life. We go out and about with her two smallest and Bee. We child swap a lot to give each other a bit of peace and space to think. We help each other out with shopping and do bits of each other’s housework. I’ve also become very good at managing her anxiety and directing tough situations so she doesn’t “flap” as much. I like to think I help, not sure whether or not I do, but her and her husband tell me they appreciate it. I’ve come to care quite deeply for her children and though I can find all of our children together a bit overwhelming and tiring – they’re fun and the chaos is much needed sometimes to stop me from finding life a bit too quiet! I’m hoping these are friendships that will stand the test of time. They’re both lovely women and I enjoy my time with them so much.

Right, now on to my New Year bit..
My goals from last year:

  1. Visit our old hometown with the kids during half term – I guess I achieved that, I managed to do it once. Hopefully I can do more trips this year now I have my licence!
  2. Lose some weight – I didn’t gain any weight so that’s just as good right?
  3. Pass my driving test by September. Well I failed twice before the end of September and passed in November. Meh, sod the deadline I HAVE MY DRIVING LICENCE!!! Goal achieved!!

My goals for this year? I’m going to be ambitious and set six of them this year.

  1. Well I’m going to put losing weight on the list again. If I can lose a stone this year I’ll be very happy. If I just maintain I will be okay with that too. If I gain… Oh well just have to work a bit harder next year.
  2. Have some much needed catch-up visits with old friends that I haven’t seen for a while. I want to see at least five old friends this year!!
  3. Sort my garden out. Dig out the beds, trim the trees, get new fencing, start on the veggie patch, plant my cherry tree, turf the old beds, get a new gate or two. Make a digging pit for the dog.
  4. Start and complete a crochet blanket!
  5. Put a bit more effort into my appearance. I have a wardrobe full of amazing repro-vintage dresses that I never wear – I want to wear a dress at least once a week. I have nice hair that I never do anything with and I miss wearing eye make-up and lip tints.
  6. Read at least 10 books! I’ve neglected my reading for a year or two now. I used to be a bookworm and I love getting lost in imaginary realms, stories of magic and warriors. I’ve started rereading Kelley Armstrong – Women of the Otherworld. I will finish the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, I’ve been stuck on book six for 11 years! I will re-read The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski and last but not least I will finish reading all of my Adrian Tchaikovsky books. I feel bad that I have been to a party and met him (thanks Jon), I own all of his books, yet I’ve only read Empire in Black and Gold! I used to have several books on the go at a time, I will become an avid reader again!

This year is a year of improvement and love, I know I’ve got a busy year ahead. I’m going to be on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with the state of my Nan’s health. My soul mate/”adopted” sister is getting married and although I’m incredibly happy for her I feel sad that I can’t go to her ceremony due to lack of funds and childcare, I cannot justify leaving hubby with the kids for a week and going to India and it will be too expensive for the five of us to go. My Mum guilt is too strong. Not being there is going to break both of our hearts, it’s already causing me a few painful tears and I wish so much that I could just wave a magic wand and be there. We’ve also got three other weddings to go to, Hubby’s cousin is up first, followed by our Best Man from our wedding, then in November our dear friend is getting married and we’re attending her reception the day before my birthday.

That’s all for now people!
Take care,

The Anxious Pixie

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