I was once known as Pixie. Pixie was colourful, vibrant, memorable, carefree, wore her heart on her sleeve, a wild child… until she was hurt. She was battered, bruised and beaten into submission by heartbreak and her own bad decisions. Now she sits in a corner of my mind, playing with the “head squirrels” that like to mess with my brain sometimes.

Now I am The Anxious Pixie. Mum of three wonderful kiddos, wife, homemaker, and a dreamer. Anxious and in pain. I was diagnosed with this wonderfully crap condition called Fibromyalgia shortly after the birth of my second kid. I also battle anxiety, depression and borderline personality disorder.

This blog is a bit of everything, sharing how I’m doing, what we’ve been up to, and brain dumps. I will share the good times and the bad. If you don’t like it, go. If you do, then stick around and become a part of my community.