About Me

I am The Anxious Pixie.

I am a full-time parent of three kids. I am married. We have chickens, a cat, rabbits, a hamster, and a dog. We live in a lovely little village in the Shires of England. I am a non-binary pansexual and very much “out and proud”.

I have Fibromyalgia and suffer from some horrible symptoms, including, but not limited to; IBS, chronic pain and pain flares, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, sensitivity to touch, widespread stiffness, some cognitive issues aka “fibro-fog”, migraines, clumsiness, frequent unexplained tingling/pins and needles, cold and numb fingertips, REALLY heavy and painful periods that wipe me out for days. Moderate anxiety, mild depression, well-controlled borderline personality disorder, restless leg syndrome. I struggle with regulating my body heat, excessive sweating, chest pain, bladder issues, leg cramping, joint swelling, painful hands and fingers. Due to my medication, my teeth are crumbling because I cannot produce enough saliva to protect them.

I have loosely adopted The Spoon Theory to help me manage my activity levels and pain levels. It’s a great theory for helping chronic illness sufferers. You can find it here:

I am supposed to be on crutches full time but this is hard when you have three children to run around after, so I make do. I use my crutches at home and try to only go out with one child at a time on weekends. My GP thinks I will eventually end up in a wheelchair – I hope that’s in 20 years or so as I couldn’t imagine being able to do it in the near future!!!

I push myself daily to give my children everything I can. I love them so much, I feel my heart will explode. They push me to keep going and to keep being as present and active as I can so that I can raise them to be the wonderful people I know they can be. 

Moo is 10-years-old, he’s my broken one. I don’t need to fix him though, he has his head squirrels messing with his wiring but he’s amazing. I am completely in awe of this boy. He has epilepsy, Autism and ADHD. He is so intelligent and doesn’t let anything stop him from having fun. This boy is fascinating and my little superhero.

Bashy is my boy who wears dresses. He’s, as yet, undefined and not afraid to explore. He’s a clumsy daredevil. He’s 7-years-old. He’s hypermobile, has a twisted femur, and has some dietary and gastric issues. He is on a NO milk, NO soya and LOW fructose diet. He is so loving, my wonderful rainbow fairy prince, cheeky and unfiltered. After a tough time at school and a heavily reduced timetable, he has been assessed by behavioural experts and an educational psychiatrist who have both advised that he was referred to the ASD/ADHD pathway. Unfortunately, school got worse for him after that and we are now home educating! It has been an amazing journey so far and I wish I had done it sooner!!

Bee, he’s the baby at 5-years-old. Whenever I say this I feel like singing that song from Dinosaurs… “I’m the baby gotta love me!”. He’s busy, cuddly, kind, loving… He’s such a sweet little boy. He’s an escape artist and he’s quick!! Nothing unusual with him except the fact he is such a gorgeous, squishy boy! He’s still the baby in my head.

Then there is my hubbly aka Daddio or Lex! I love him so much. There’s a bit of a story behind our relationship and I will share it at some point. He runs. He lives, breathes, eats, sleeps code. He is a very talented Lead Software Engineer and is keen to become a Software Architect/Technical Architect. I have no doubt he will get there and go further! His brain is fascinating. I’m convinced he has ASD. He isn’t social, he hates being in face-to-face social situations. He’d rather be online, gaming with colleagues and friends, working, and generally talking to friends and family. I spend a lot of time looking at the back of his head while he is on his computer. However, if I tell him I need him, he will drop everything to support me. He will carry me to bed, help me dress and undress, help me remember to take my meds. If I fall he will be there to help me up, if I’m feeling low he will entertain me and make sure I eat. If I’m in pain he will fetch hot water bottles and wheat pads in the middle of the night. He is my best friend, my lover, my hero. He’s rescued me so many times. I can’t imagine my life without him and I can’t believe I very nearly did when we chose to go our separate ways all those years ago. We found our way back to each other and realised we never wanted to be apart again. I am a hopeless romantic and truly believe that if it is meant to be then love will always find a way. This is funny considering I’ve married one of the least romantic people I know!

So that’s us. I’m sure this will evolve as the blog grows. For now, I hope this helps you understand our little family a bit more.

Pixie x