Hi,As you can see The Anxious Pixie had bit of a hiatus. Things over the list two years have been a bit wobbly. The appearance of COVID-19 and Brexit have heavily affected life in the UK. There have been a lot of challenges to contend with. My biggest one was the passing of my Nan. … Continue reading Hiatus…

The Birth of Pixie.

When people find out I am known as Pixie, I always get asked why... The story behind this nickname is an explicit one but it all boils down to this.I used to be a brave extroverted, sexual creature who didn't care what people thought of them. The birth of Pixie occurred one night on Brighton … Continue reading The Birth of Pixie.

Children’s Mental Health Week 2020

This week is Children's Mental Health week and my son's school have been taking part in activities surrounding mental health. Exploring emotions and feelings to try and help children better understand why they feel the way they feel, and how to protect their mental health. They have been doing worksheets, games, stories, watching videos and … Continue reading Children’s Mental Health Week 2020